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"Cycling isn't a comfortable sport, if you want comfort stay home on the couch". This is a quote from a Pro Cyclist. That said ProBikeFit is able to help position you on the bike to ensure that you are able to perform to your potential by adjusting your position on the bike. Cameron Wurf  World Ironman was able to produce 305w with an average speed of 40.5kmh to win Kona in a comfortable efficient position on the bike. The Biomechanics of cycling and muscle contraction dictates the power phase to happen while the hip and knee extends, pressing downward on the pedal. This action starts with a combination of the gluteus and quadriceps muscles, but then is joined by the hamstrings and calf muscles a quarter ways through the revolution. This shows the need for equally strong hamstrings, hips, and quadriceps. These groups of muscle make up the largest volume of muscles used in a pedal revolution.

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