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Bernie Sulzberger

Probikefit was fortunate to be in a position to work with Bernie in 2014-15 when he was riding for Drapac Cycling team. Bernie was also a member of Fly V  cycling team 2009-2011 then Teaming up with "Michael Frieberg". 2019 Aust road Chamion. ProBikeFit  was proud to play a small part in both these riders successful careers.

"The National Cycling Team: Downer EDI Mining/Erdinger Alkoholfrei has been proudly supported by Gary Land for the 2013 racing season. It didn't take long for us to see the improvement in the team's performance after Gary fitted our riders. Most niggling, reoccurring injuries were no longer a proglem and rider performances lifted. There was even a rise in rider's power test results.


Since Gary's fit, our riders have gone on to multiple top ten finishes at the National Road Series and a 3rd place at the Australian U19 Road Championships. The team also claimed gold in the Queensland U/19 Road Championships and regular podium spots in the Queensland Road Team Series."

- David Carman

Director,  Downer EDI Mining/Erdinger Alkoholfrei Team

"As a cycling coach, I have sent a number of cyclist to Gary for bike fits, the final goal being to improve their power output and make their riding more comfortable. He spends time to talk to the rider, advise on any physical issues that might be impacting their riding, and sets about to improve their riding position. I have been involved in some of these sessions with Gary, and he brings a high level of expertise and experience to the bike fitting process.


Overall Gary is a good bloke and goes the extra mile to help out fellow cyclists reach their goals. I am happy to recommend him as an expert bike fitter."

- Henk Vogels

Performance Coaching / SBS Cycling Commentator


"My name is Marion Summerer. I am an Exercise Physiologist, Triathlon Coach and professional Triathlete, holding three World Championship titles.


I got to know Gary in 2009, when he fitted me in order to reach my full potential at ITU races. Gary not only has a very high reputation in Retul bike fitting, but also is a very passionate and successful cyclist himself. Gary's expertise in the field is exceptional, and I recommend him without hesitation to anybody - from the novice rider who wants to be more comfortable on their bike, to elite altheletes who are keen to get that last bit of power out of their machine.


Besides Gary's vast knowledge on anything cycle fitting and cycle training, his own experiences as a fitter and athelete and his personality stand out. He always has an open ear and helping hand. In short, Gary is the guy to go to if you want to take your cycling performance to the next level."

- Marion Summerer

ITU World Champion, Triathlon Coach

"Gary Land has been looking after Smiddy riders for over two years now. In that time, he has successfully fitted over 30 Smiddy riders to improve their rider positioning on their respective bikes.


The great thing about Gary's services, are that he thinks outside the box. It is not just the fit you will get, but advice on the cause of some of the problems associated outside of a good bike fit.


For example, when I went in for my first fit with Gary he correctly diagnosed a recurring tightness I suffered in my abductor muscles. He also picked up my poor core strength and a quad deficiency in my left leg.


Gary then suggests exercises and forms of treatment to combat said problems. He is the full package, and extremely easy for me to refer riders to him.


Thank you Gary for your amazing passion and support to Smiddy riders these past two years.

- Mark Smoothy

Founder, Smiling for Smiddy


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