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How It Works...

Pro Tour teams Sky, Garmin-Sharp, and Europcar are at  the forefront of training technology.


It was organizations like CTS that paved the way for products like PowerTap and SRM to become a standard tool for modern day cycling coaches. The Retul bike fit system is following the same pattern. While the technology absolutely requires the bike fitter to know how to apply the robust amount of data collected on the rider's position, Retul has opened the eyes of many of the world's most elite bicycle fit gurus by setting new standards in Dynamic, 3-D data capture with accuracy tolerances within < 1 millimeter, the same tolerances used by medical company's who use identical technology for brain surgery!

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Motion Capture vs. Video Analysis


How is Retül different than the motion analysis systems (i.e. video) my local shop offers? Bike fit.


  • Video analysis is two-dimensional, even with 2 cameras. Motion Capture is three-dimensional which utilzies a 3-D spatial model. A small error is added to the measurement by not including all three dimensions in the calculation process. Small errors make big differences in bike fit. Fitting setting vary between Triathlon, Road cycling and Moutain biking.

  • Video cameras have a narrow field of view. Retul sensors have a wide field of view. This means that the video camera must be 1-2 meters further away from the rider to capture the full view of the rider.

  • Video analysis places measurement markers on a small 2-D computer screen; Retul places measurement markers on the rider's body using easy to find skeletal landmarks.

  • Video analysis requires that you manually trace each measurement after the fact with your mouse. Retul automatically performs all the measurements instantly with no manual work.

  • Video analysis takes measurements off of one frame of video, which may or may not be a typical position of the rider. Retul averages all the measurements automatically from each stroke of the recording creating a highly refined model of the average movements of the rider. Capturing your optimum Triathlon, Road Bicycle or Mountain bike set up based on your physical data.

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