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MMB Measure my Bike

Measure my Bike is an app designed to keep and accurately record your bicycle critical set-up measurements.

Available for IOS I-phone and I-Pad. Currently open for testing in Google Play

Use your phone’s camera to take real-time measurements using the augmented reality built into the app.

Why Use Measure My Bike App

Keep up to date with Blogs and twitter feed from Gary Probikefit on every thing cycling.

· Save critical bicycle measurements. The Measure my Bike app is built to keep your critical bicycle setup measurements and service history in one place. Simply measure and record your measurements in the manual measurement selection after capturing a picture of your bicycle by using your IOS Camera. Use a tape measure to accurately measure the Saddle height or other parts of the bicycle then simply draw in the positions on the bicycle you want to record using your touch screen pencil, click in the middle of the line to input or change your measurement and that’s it.

· Measurements at your fingertips. Record all your bike measurements, "Saddle Height" "Handle Bar reach" “Saddle Setback” “Saddle to Handlebar drop” “Saddle to Elbow Cup or Aero Bar reach”, keeping all your bicycle information in one place for later set up checks and adjustments. Road, Time Trial, Triathlon, Gravel bike, Mountain bike, Track bicycle, Hybrid.

· Record bicycle service history. It’s important to keep a history of your bicycle maintenance to ensure your machine is running perfectly every ride. Input and record things like when you last changed your Chain, Cassette, Handlebar Tape or any part of your bicycle, remember to note down when it was last serviced. Simply select the “Other Info” window to access the keyboard allowing you to input the information. You may want to change your saddle remember to input the date and what type of saddle you have selected or changed from, you may want to include why you decided to change it.

· Share your set-up easily. Send your critical bicycle setup measurements to friends and others at the click of a button. Hiring a bicycle overseas? Share your bicycle measurements via the share button giving others your exact measurements instantly.

Measure my Bike is brought to you by Gary Land / ProbikeFit Fitting services with over 20 years in the cycling industry in Australia.

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